Research Forum Schedule

  • Mar 12, 2015
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All seminars will be held in 1425 BPS on Wednesdays at 12:00 PM unless otherwise noted

Spring 2019

Date Speaker Title

Jan. 9th


CMB Student Meeting

Jan. 16th

Jake Bibik

Katerina Lay

Leah Johnson

Levi Bauer

Aysegul Gezer

Yizhou Huang

Patrick O’Connell

Christine Ponnampalam

Genevieve Hoopes

Davis Mathieu

Research Rundowns

Jan. 23rd

Ryan Corbett

Ryan Marquartdt

Tayler Murphy

Ana-Maria Raicu

Yasir Nawaz

Yueqi Zhang

Jake Reske

Rima Mouawad

Aaron Wasserman

Research Rundowns
Jan. 30th

Julie Rojewski

Graduate School- Individual Development Plan

Feb. 6th Ryan Corbett and Amanda Koenig

RCR: Ethical Data Use

Feb. 13th

Peter Lundquist


Feb. 20th

Patrick O'Connell

"Identifying new mechanisms of immune regulation: The story of SLAMF7 and HIV-1 infection.”

Feb. 27th Christine Ponnampalam

Journal Club

March 13th Mitch Roth

"Investigating management and genetics of soybean sudden death syndrome pathogens Fusarium virguliforme and F. brasiliense"

March 20th Ripla Arora  
March 27th

Jake Reske

Sean Nguyen

“Global analysis of ARID1A-dependent transcriptional programs in endometrial epithelia.”

"Extracellular Vesicles in Murine Pregnancy"

April 3rd

Katerina Lay


"Nitrogen-dependent modulation of root system architecture through CLE3-CLV1 signaling."

April 10th

Jake Bibik

Aysegul Gezer

"Plant bidirectional promoters enable complex engineering of multigene metabolic pathways"
April 17th Ana-Maria Raicu

"Probing Drosophila retinoblastoma tumor suppressor properties using dCas9"

April 24th Genetics Student Organization Meeting