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Patrick O'Connell Research

Patrick O'Connell, a fourth-year CMB doctoral student, have discovered that a particular immune receptor has the ability to tone down the body’s immune response when activated on certain white blood cells. The finding could help find new treatments for HIV patients.

Dr. Andrechek's lab is making cancer breakthroughs.

Dr. Andrechek's lab has found a way to boost healthy cells during chemo. Check out the article published by MSU Today or the study published by Dr. Andrechek and his team to learn more!

CMB Faculty Member Ronald Chandler won the 2017 Liz Tiberis Early Career Award!

Dr. Ronald Chandler, assistant professor in the College of Human Medicine’s Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Biology, has received a 2017 Liz Tilberis Early Career Award and recognized for his committment to an investigative career in the field of ovarian cancer research.

CMB Grad Plan Demonstration

On February 22, immediately following the CMB Research Forum at 1:00 PM in BPS 1245, there will be a CMB Grad Plan Demonstration. Please bring your laptops.

Congratulations Dr. David Rastall!

Congratulations to Dr. David Rastall for successfully defending his PhD dissertation!

Congrats to Bethany Huot!

Congratulations to Bethany Huot (Dr. Montgomery's Lab) who successfully defended her PhD dissertation!

Congrats to Mark & Heidi Williams!

Congratulations to Mark & Heidi Williams on the birth of their daughter Naomi.
Mom, Dad, and Baby are doing well!

CMB's Impact on Tomorrow

Bradley Abramson, a graduate student and member of the Ducat Lab, is making breakthrough discoveries in bioproducts by producing new strains of cyanobacteria. Learn more about this fascinating discovery by reading his article, "Managing Photosynthetic Traffic Jams".

Congrats to Geoff Davis!
Congrats to Geoff Davis!

Geoff Davis's paper entitled "Limitations to photosynthesis by proton motive force-induced photosystem II photodamage" was published on elife on October, 4th. In addition, his presentation at the International Photosynthesis Congress in Maastricht Netherlands this summer was awarded a best talk/poster award. Congratulations Geoff!

CMB Students get interviewed by WLNS TV!

CMB student Rima Mouawad (Arnosti lab) and Physiology student Jonathan Rennhack (Andrechek lab) interviewed by WLNS TV6 news reporter Neha Sneth on their research with cancer genes.

Ph.D. student Meredith Frie publishes article