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Research Forum Schedule

12:00-1:00 PM
1425 BPS

Fall 2022

Date Speaker Lab Title

Sept. 7

Sept. 14 Noah Goff Dr. Kathy Meek

Chalk Talk Prep

Sept. 21

Farina Aziz

Jesus Garcia-Lerena

Sudhanshu Mishra

Cody Phillips

Lucas Reist 

Amir Roshanzadeh

Jenny Schuster

Lo Sosinski

Lexi Vu

John Vusich

CMB Chalk Talks 
Sept. 28 Peggy Petroff   "How to Give a Good Presentation" 
Oct. 5

Josh Heyza, Ph.D 

(Institute for Quantitative Health Science and Engineering)

Dr. Jens Schmidt

“Molecular regulation of DNA double-strand break repair by MDC1”

Oct. 12 Robin Kruger

Dr. Amy Ralston

"Uncovering the Role of Bone Morphogenic Protein (BMP) Signaling in Early Murine Embryogenesis"
Oct. 19 Kathryn Brittain Dr. Kristin Parent Science Trivia 
Oct. 26 Dr. Berkley Walker Department of Plant Biology  
Nov. 2      
Nov. 9 Aritro Sen (Ferring Pharmaceuticals)  


Nov. 16 Amir Roshanzadeh / John Vusich Dr. Sophia Lunt / Dr. Eran Andrechek "Next Generation Cancer Therapy: Tunable Fluorescence Organic Salts"/"Characterizing the role of E2F5 in mammary gland development"
Nov. 30 Cody Phillips / Lucas Reist  Dr. Jens Schmidt / Dr. Bjoern Hamberger "Analysis of the kinetics of Homologous Recombination in human cancer cells" / “Bioengineering the Tomato Fruit Metabolome”
Dec. 7

Dr.  Annette M. O’Connor - Professor of Epidemiology and Chairperson

Department of Large Animal Clinical Sciences  

Spring 2023

Date Speaker Department Title

Jan. 11

CMB Student Meeting     
Jan. 18 Chalk Talks    
Jan. 25 Q & A with Alaina CMB  
Feb. 1 David Medina Suarez CMB

“DNA repair mechanisms during antibody isotype switching”

Feb. 8 Dr. Ana Bracic, Assistant Professo Political Science "Exclusion Cycles: Reinforcing Disparities in Medicine"
Feb. 15 Farina Aziz / Lexi Vu CMB  
Feb. 22 Dr. AJ Robison, Assistant Professor  Physiology   
March 1 Basma Klump CMB  
March 15 Jaewon Sim / Jesus Garcia Lerena  CMB  
March 22 Noura Massri CMB  
March 29 Dr. Morteza Mahmoudi, Assistant Professor Radiology  RCR - Academic Bullying 
April 5 Jenny Schuster / Lo Sosinksi  CMB  
April 12 Betul Kara CMB  
April 19 Sudhanshu Mishra / Kate Brittain CMB