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Research Forum Schedule

12:00-1:00 PM
1425 BPS

Fall 2023

Date Speaker Lab Title
August 30 CMB Student Meeting    
Sept. 6 Q& A w/ Alaina    
Sept. 13 Research Rundowns CMB

Farina Aziz

Noah Goff

Robin Kruger

Genna Moldovan

Cody Phillips

Lucas Reist

Amir Roshanzadeh

Sept. 20 Jamie Lord CMB "Role of TPPP3 in chemoresistance in ovarian cancer"


Sept 27 Ahmed Zarea CMB "Engineered Endosymbionts for mammalian cells invasion"
Oct. 4 Lo Sosinski CMB CANCELLED
Oct. 11 Dr. Ondine Cleaver Career Catalyst Scientific Publishing Seminar

Oct. 18

*ROOM 1400*

Axel Schmitter Dr. Sangbum Park "Capturing the role of Langerhans cells during skin wound repair in live mice"
Oct. 25 RCR    
Nov. 1 Noah Goff Dr. Kathy Meek  
Nov. 8 Yueqi Zhang Dr. Hua Xiao "Molecular mechanisms of hepatocellular carcinoma development induced by deficient transcriptional regulators"
Nov. 15 Farina Aziz Dr. Amy Ralston "Role of Sox15 and Sox21 in Preimplantation Development in Mice"
Nov. 29 Jeff Mann Dr. Chen Chen "Germ Cell RNF216 is Required for Male Fertility"
Dec. 6 Holiday Day    

Spring 2024

Date Speaker Department Title
Jan. 10 Chalk Talks CMB

Jesus Garcia-Lerena

Mackenzie Kapanka

David Medina Suarez

Lexi Vu

John Vusich

Jan. 17 Chalk Talks CMB

Sudhanshu Mishra

Lo Sosinski

Xuan Xie

Noura Massri

Joel Landa

Jan. 24 Dr. Julie Rojewski - Director of Career Development MSU Graduate School Internship opportunities for PhD students
Jan. 31 Kate Brittain CMB Comprehensive Exam Practice
Feb. 7      
Feb. 14 Fellowship Panel  

Jamie Lord

Genna Moldovan

Lexi Vu

Noura Massri

Feb. 21 Lo Sosinski CMB  
Feb. 28 SPRING BREAK    
March 6 RCR    
March 13 Xuan Xie CMB  
March 20 Joanne Thomson CMB  
March 27 Genna Moldovan CMB  
April 3 Dr. Humphrey Yao - National Institute of Environmental Health Science Career Catalyst  
April 10 Ian McCrary CMB  
April 17 Amir Roshanzadeh CMB Comprehensive Exam Practice