Cell & Molecular Biology Program

Welcome to the Cell and Molecular Biology Program at Michigan State University
The Cell and Molecular Biology (CMB) program is an interdepartmental Ph.D. program comprised of approximately forty graduate students and ninety faculty members.  The research programs of CMB students and faculty are quite diverse, but all members share a common interest in the mechanisms that regulate cell structure and function.  The CMB training program allows students to focus on their particular area of research while being exposed to a wide variety of topics in cell and molecular biology.


New research into a genetic mutation's role in breast cancer could open new treatment option for lung cancer, according to Dr. Eran Andrechek, a CMB faculty member 

Ashley Shade, a CMB faculty member, was selected as a 2019-2023 Ecological Society of America (ESA) Early Career Fellow for her pioneering work into advancing the understanding of the consequences of microbial diversity for resilience, how interactions among microbes impact resilience and how microbiomes can be leveraged to support plant stress tolerance and ecosystem stability.

Patrick O'Connell, a fourth-year CMB doctoral student, have discovered that a particular immune receptor has the ability to tone down the body’s immune response when activated on certain white blood cells. The finding could help find new treatments for HIV patients.



Dr. Genevieve Hoopes

Dr. Davis Mathieu

Dr. Julie Rojewski (BEST Program)

Plant Biotechnology for Health And Sustainability's Seventh Annual Symposium. 

Symposium sessions all day long Friday November 1st in the MSU Union Building.

Featured Speakers: Blake Bextine, Clay Carter, Vincenzo De Luca, Joni Kamiya, Nancy Keller, James Kremer, Christy Gault, Mary Lou Gureinot, Rob Horsch, Mary Ann Lila, June Medford, Kerry Rohier, Jason Slot, Hideki Takahashi.